Your Web3 Identity Passport

One simple destination for building stronger and regulatory aware DeFi applications

The Next Wave Of DeFi Services.

Quadrata Passport™ adds a layer of identity and compliance to existing public blockchains.

Build robust DeFi applications, expand your financial services and leverage the utilization of Quadrata’s proprietary technology to access:

KYC/AML Status, Country of Residence, Credit Reputation and Accredited Investor Status.

Quadrata Passport
Quadrata Passport

Simple Integration.

Integrate Quadrata Passport™ in your DApps & Smart Contracts with just one line of code.

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The Quadrata™ Ecosystem

Our vision is to create a permissioned open DeFi ecosystem.

With a one-time verification process, Quadrata Passport™ holders can easily access all trusted Dapps in our network.

Tahoe Finance

DeFi Lender


Passport Issuer

Audited By Quantstamp

Quantstamp is a trusted leader in blockchain security and delivers end-to-end blockchain solutions for the world's largest enterprises.


Trusted Authority

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